Clay Creek to Straight Canyon

Rugged • View of Pink Cliffs

1.5 Hour Ride • 19.3 Miles Long • 18 MPH Average Speed

Trail Details

This trail starts at Clay Creek, goes southwest to the top of the west side of the plateau. You will go by the top of Robinson Creek Trailhead. This is probably one of the roughest trails on the plateau. There are places where the trees hang onto the road, the ruts are deep, and during the rainy season, some large mud holes. Going down into some of the canyons, the roads are sometimes washed out to where they can be traversed, but caution should be used. You will be able to see the pink cliffs from several viewpoints.

When you get to the Straight Canyon Trailhead, you have two choices. You may either continue on to Crawford Trailhead or proceed back down the East Fork Road where the trail started. While ATV’s are discouraged on the East Fork Road be aware that going over to Crawford is for ATV’s only. As noted on the trail layout, there is one spot where ATV’s will be able to go. The trail is too twisty and narrow for larger vehicles like UTV’s. You can take them to the top of the hill where you will see several lookout points but you will not be able to go off the hill. These viewpoints are worth the ride but you will need to backtrack to the Straight Canyon Trailhead.