Bryce Canyon ATV Trips and Tours

Book an ATV Tour in the Bryce Canyon National Park Area

One of the most popular recreational activities in southern Utah is riding ATV, four wheelers, and OHVs. These all terrain vehicles enable people to explore an area with speed and comfort that are not available when hiking or riding horseback while enabling people to closely inspect plants, animals, and the landscape. Perhaps most importantly, ATVs allow their riders to cover a lot of ground while avoiding tired feet.

The Bryce Canyon and Paunsaugunt area is full of trails, and we provide tours to see many notable landmarks. We offer guided tours on trails to the following areas: Coyote Hollow, Daves Hollow, King Creek, the Paunsaugunt Trail, Badger, Blubber, and Clay creeks, Straight Canyon, and Crawford.

A fun reason to come visit the area is that back in the 1800s Butch Cassidy and his posse roamed here as they went about their shenanigans. However, they road horses instead of using modern ATVs on trails. Another reason people come here is to come see ancient Indian artifacts that are strewn throughout the area; ancient tribes like the Anasazi and Paiute once lived here. There are old structures and petroglyphs and pictographs that depict life long ago among other remnants that people can see and inspect. Of course, the main attraction is Bryce Canyon National Park which is known for its series of natural amphitheaters full of wondrous red rock spires. It is almost as if the ancient Indians congregated in the canyons for meetings.

Please book a Bryce Canyon area ATV tour to see the many trails in this beautiful part of the country.