Blubber Creek to Clay Creek

Heavily Timbered • High Elevation • More Difficult

1.75 Hour Ride • 30.6 Miles Long • 17 MPH Average Speed

Trail Details

Park at the Tropic Reservoir Trailhead, northwest of the lake. Start your ATV ride by heading south along the west shore road (091). At the south end of the lake, turn east (left) and cross East Fork Road, following the East Side Connector. The route heads south, then west, and crosses East Fork Road to Blubber Creek – the start of the Blubber to Clay Creek loop. The segment from the parking area to the start of Blubber Creek to Clay Creek is approximately 5 miles and takes about 22 minutes, averaging 13 MPH.

Blubber Creek to Clay Creek loop follows the Left Fork of the Blubber Creek along 211. It climbs southwest to the top of the rim and a viewpoint. It then descends down the Right Fork of Kanab Creek on 106. At the junction of 106/105 roads, follow 105 to the top and another viewpoint. The route then turns east and descends along Clay Creek following 105. It crosses East Fork Road, and heads north where you can connect  with the segment leading back to the Tropic Reservoir Trailhead. The loop is 30.6 miles around and takes about 1.75 hours., averaging 17 MPH.

This route is a little more difficult than the Badger Loop. The elevation is higher and there may be some deep mud holes and ruts during the rainy season. You will not be able to drive around most of the obstacles but you should not experience to much trouble getting through them. The timber is thick and the wildlife will be harder to see, but it is there. Go at a slower pace to see them.